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Press Photo Archive JOKA

The Press Photo Archive JOKA was established as a part of the Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency on 1 January 2014. JOKA preserves and publishes the central Finnish press photography collections. In this way, materials donated by newspapers and photographers are available to everyone. JOKA also takes care of recording and transmitting the history of Finnish photojournalism. The JOKA collections already include millions of press photographs.

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The Finnish Heritage Agency

The Finnish Heritage Agency is a specialist of cultural heritage and a service provider, developing the sector and acting as its authority. It collects, manages and presents the national heritage of cultural history, in addition to recording, producing and providing knowledge.

Together with other authorities and the rest of the museum field, the Finnish Heritage Agency is responsible for protecting environments with cultural history value, archaeological cultural heritage and built heritage, and other cultural property. It also collects and showcases a national cultural history collection, studies material cultural heritage and both supports and develops the museum field nationally

The object and picture collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency present information about people and phenomena embracing thousands of years. For over one hundred years, the Finnish Heritage Agency’s archives have collected material related to studying, maintaining and managing the cultural environment and cultural heritage.

The Finnish Heritage Agency provides varied and constantly developing services for all citizens. The agency operates under the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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